The banned Mods are:

  • Laser Sight Mods that project a continuous red-line from your muzzle to a target.
  • Defoliant Mods which eliminate the leaves and foliage on trees and bushes making what is behind them visible.
  • 3D HitBox Skins which make tanks transparent and show internal modules. NOTE: This does not include painted surface hitzone skins which are NOT banned.
  • Tracer Round Mods that permit viewing and tracking of a tracer-round back to its originating gun despite the fact the tank itself may yet be invisible.
  • Free Camera Mods that untether the camera from your vehicle allowing you to fly the map and surveil the enemy. NOTE: This does not include tethered camera zoom-out to bird's eye view, or to zoom in sniper views, which are NOT banned.








Adress : 9993

Lösen : det får du av clanen



Version 3.0.8

Adress :

Port : 4414

Lösen : det får du av clanen